10 Best Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Do you need an easy source of additional income for your family? Or do you just want to try your hand in a women entrepreneur role? No matter what your motivation is, starting your own business is a great idea that will allow you to have flexible work hours, zero demanding bosses and a hefty wallet at the end of the month. Need ideas? Here are the 10 best small business options for ambitious women. 


Women who have a talent to capture interesting moments on camera can easily turn this skill into a profitable career. There are many paths of photography you can take. For instance, you can start a studio that documents weddings, events or vacations, or you can go in a little bit different direction and take pictures of business for Google Maps and other Google-backed apps. 


This has long been a number one small business idea for women, especially mothers who need to work from home. You can easily earn thousands of dollars a month from ads and affiliate sales just by having people read your articles. If you have something interesting, useful and innovative to say, make sure to start a blog and let the passive income flow. 

Interior design

This job allows you to work from home and offers very flexible work hours. As long as you have some creative ideas, good project management skills and motivation, you can use your talents to breathe some life into other people’s lives. In some cases, you might need to get a license, but this depends from state to state, so make sure to check that out. 


If you know your way around the kitchen, you might want to start cashing in your talents. No matter if you have a knack for cooking, baking or food decorating, you can turn your product into something people want to buy. Catering for parties, anniversaries and birthdays will always be in demand. 

Coffee shop

If you do it right, a coffee shop can bring you a lot of money. If you take a walk around your neighborhood, you’ll probably come across a specialty coffee shop filled to the last spot. There are two things that are important: location and unique offer. You want to offer something unique to your customers to always keep them coming back to your establishment. One of the great innovations you can introduce to your business is mPOS system that allows convenient tableside ordering and payment which will allow your customers to order and enjoy their drink with minimal hassle. If you fill your space with such innovations, you will be looking at a huge profit. 

Wholesale business

Many people today don’t have the time or will to hit physical stores. However, that doesn’t mean they are willing to go without certain products in their lives. What then? They turn to online business! Wholesale is a great way to conduct business, especially for immigrant entrepreneurs doing their best to thrive in a new environment. And the Internet allows you to sell practically anything from jewelry and clothing to tech and delicacies. 


If you’re an outdoorsy girl, this can be a great small business idea for you. There are many women out there growing veggies and fruit, keeping bees and selling honey or even farming animals. With the rise in demand for organic produce and free-range meat, your business can potentially be worth millions! 

Pet services

If you’re an animal lover and know your way with cats, dogs and exotic animals, you can turn your love and care into a money-making business. People today care about their pets more than ever and they are ready to spend a lot of money to ensure their pets are healthy, happy and stylish. Sure, you’ll also get to pet a lot of cute pups and kitties, but that’s only icing on the cake! 

Life coaching

Are you usually the one people around you turn to for advice? Well, you can use your clarity of thought and good people skills to start a profitable business. You can try everything from career counseling and business assistance to health and mental well-being help. Concentrate on your talents and people will recognize amazing advice you can give. 

Mini school bus

Here’s a very unusual but practical side-hustle: driving kids to school. Many parents are enraged by the lack of bus services and long car lines that await them every day when they need to drop their kids to school. So, you can step in and open an Uber-esque type of service that will pick up and drive back kids from school or practice. A good minivan that seats seven will probably be filled with kids every day and you’ll get a nice monthly fee for your expenses. If you have school kids of your own, everything you earn is basically profit! 

If you also decide to build your own website, develop a good marketing strategy and start networking, you can really develop a great business that will not only provide you with an extra monthly allowance but potentially become your primary source of income. 

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