Two items you need to transition your closet into Fall

transition your closet into fall

Fall is officially her! Even though the nights are much cooler, Californians do not need to put their summer items away. We have another month or so till we pull out our turtleneck sweaters and oversized coats. Until the time comes I will share two items you absolutely must have to transition your closet into Fall.

I have mentioned a wide belt trend in some of my recent posts. Today I will give you tips on how to choose and rock one like a pro. In general, a belt is a great item to add an interesting element to any outfit. A wide belt is one of the most flattering accessories when worn currently. It will add curves to those with a thin waste and will define  a waist for those with a wider build.

I chose to wear mine over a jumpsuit I purchased recentlyI after I had my baby. This wide belt look would have not worked for me few weeks postpartum, however currently it helped me create a stunning outfit and emphasized my curves.

Wide belts are available in many materials. I suggest picking yourself a couple for the season. A leather one will go so great over a coat or a sweater and a satin or silk one will add flair to your dresses and blouses.

transition into fall

Another great item to help transition your closet into Fall is an extravagant mule. There are so many gorgeous selections to choose from today. Opt for fur, suede or a  pearl detail like mine. It is a perfect shoe for the warmer climate when we are not ready to part with sandals.

Mules will look great with a variety of clothing. They will work with dresses, skinny jeans or wide pants. This season calls for bright colors and fun details so an option like mine will add style and brightness to your day.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,


Photography Tatiana Malutina

OIia Kedik
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  1. Mentormommyof2 says:

    Great tips and tricks

  2. Love this colorful look!

  3. Melissa says:

    Such a fun wardrobe 🙂

  4. Jamie says:

    This print is so fun!

  5. Laritsa says:

    Such a fun outfit love the colors

  6. Natasha says:

    What a great post

  7. Tuana Schumacher says:

    I love everything on this post especially the shoes dear

  8. Erin Marie says:

    Love all these items you picked out! Those mules are awesome!

  9. This is a great post.. Love your look

  10. This is a great post.. Love your look

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