• I have been on track with my New Years resolution
  • Happy Sunday! I am getting ready for a fun Xmas
  • Accesoories make or break your outfit With short hair like
  • Being gone for over a week the amount of packages
  • I am a sucker for stylish things that come in
  • This lancomeofficial bifacial make up remover is hands down the
  • Happy Sunday! I am resting after a crazy yet exciting
  • Did you catch my latest blog post about my collaboration
  • lancomegiftedme Testing out these liquid highlighting pens lancomeofficial Subtle shimmer
  • Guys so I tried this dermaplaning device michaeltoddbeauty few weeks
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Motivation is in the workout gear Summer is around the corner, which means that many more reasons to put the work in to look good. But when it comes to getting in the mood to break a sweat, if you are like me, getting up for a run might not be your thing. I need a little motivation or stimulation, I should say. An elevated workout look is a great place to start. I put together a post full of workout gear that will get you excited about hitting the

Hi Everyone, With Valentines behind we can store the dresses aways and get that denim out. I love to love denim. You can wear it a million different ways; whether in the form of a dress, jeans, shirt or a jacket. It almost never goes out of style. It’s comfy enough for casual days but can also be dressed up. You can dress up denim with almost anything: a simple white top,  a loud print, a pattern, you name it. One of the rules of denim is not to do