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How to Rock a Kimono This Summer

Spring and Summer of 2017 have proven that kimono has been rediscovered as one of the coolest items to have in your closet.

There are so many ways to adapt a kimono  into your own style and combine with items that you already have. Whether you choose to wear it as a cover up on the beach or a statement coat, the possibilities are endless.

Frankly, I think that most stores and boutiques here in the US offer too many kimono look-a-likes. I would especially advise to stay away from the fringy kind because those are going out of style quickly. Instead opt for an authentic version. First of all they re found in the country of origin. If you re not traveling to Asia any time soon, look for it in a vintage store. Finally you can find them at the high-end boutiques like on Abbot Kinney. I found mine in a local vintage store Racks that houses a phenomenal collection of kimonos from Japan to China. The wide wings and vibrant print speak dierctly to my style.
I chose to wear the kimono as a lightweight coat over a plain white dress. The addition created such a colorful ensemble. My yellow slip on shoes, orange dangly earrings, colorful shades and wooden purse completed this asian inspired outfit.
So what are some of the other ways to rock a kimono? For those who love a simple look can use it as a catchy detail on an all-black outfit. For those with a gypsy soul combine it with ankle boots and shorts. And if you want to rock in the evening? All you need is a pair of gold pumps and sparkling jewelry to show off its elegant side.
In conclusion, it is no secret the style of this season is heavily inspired by the Far East culture. So go ahead and get yourself a kimono.
Thank you for reading and keep styling
Photography by Scott Duncan

OIia Kedik

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