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How to create a perfect flat lay in less then two minutes

flat lay

One of my latest Instagram posts generated a lot of questions about the items seen in the flat lay and how I create such pretty shots. So I decide to repost it and share with you where to find these nifty cute products. I am also going to share how exactly to deliver a winning shot.

When creating a flat lay it is all about space and balance. You can have as many or as few items that are different from each other. These items will serve as fillers for the dead space and help create balance and harmony between them.

Start with your main object. In this case it is my mascara. Keep it as the center piece and then play around laying all the other items around the center piece. Hover your camera over the flat lay and frame the best shot. I usually shoot about ten different angles before finding that winning one.

All the unnecessary fillers in the shot, can be cropped however. In my example the gold jewelry box and magazine filled the empty space while being barely visible in the picture.

Flat images can be created on your desk, on your bed sheets, floor you name it. The best is that the possibilities are endless even in your own home.

I keep fresh flowers and magazines on hand for such shots. Head to mu Instagram account @oliamoda for more inspirations on flat lays.

Have fun creating your perfect flat lay.

Thank you for reading and keep styling.



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