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I am the poster girl for buying many black dresses, especially now that I am pregnant.  Today, I will give you a few reasons why I never regret buying them and neither should you! I have been asked to share more tips on how to style yourself successfully while pregnant. The best advice is to stay true to what ever style you were before you got pregnant. I would recommend saving your money on maternity wear. A few pieces are ok, but no need to invest in numerous over the belly pants and stretchy

Today I am sharing a leather dress look I am wearing to the Sacramento Fashion Week Friday night show. One of the main reasons I love blogging is the concept of collaborating with like minded people. It brings me so much joy and excitement to meet and work with local and global talent. I have had the privilege to work with designers from the Bay Area, U.S. and abroad. So when I moved to Sacramento I did some research on local talent with similar visions for style and aesthetics. I am

A floral dress has so many hats, it can be feminine, romantic but also bold and glamorous.  It all depends if you opt for a pastel palette with a subtle print or a bold palette like my example.   A few days ago I stepped out in this floral number by an unknown vintage designer. The pattern had me instantly wishing of spring. Since there has been so much rain in California, you can not blame me for dreaming of blooming flowers early. This darker color palette, makes what could have been a strictly spring and summer outfit feel winter appropriate. The longer cut makes it to

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