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Happy Easter friends! Christ has Risen! Today is a beautiful day to reconnect with God, your soul and spend time with your family. The outfit I am sharing with you today, is a great reflection of my personality. It also happens to be a very trendy option for the coming season. Prints reigned on the runways, and I am going to share with you why you too need amp your wardrobe with such explosive patterns and vibrant hues. Bright clothes and fun designs are a great way to showcase your personality.

It is hard to believe that I have only six weeks until we get to meet our little boy. This pregnancy flew by much faster than when I carried my daughter, Yana. It has also been a more difficult pregnancy for my body and mind, but I am thankful to say the last trimester has given me more energy then any of the previous months. I am guilty of being hard on myself and feeling less beautiful in my pregnant state. Nonetheless, I know that it is God’s gift to grow a tiny human inside

It is hard to believe that I am just a few weeks away from meeting our baby #2. I feel like this pregnancy flew so much faster than the first one. I am sure being a mother of a toddler, running three businesses has something to do with that. My priorities are finally shifting towards nesting and preparing myself for the new bundle of joy. Most of my family members wished for one more girl. I can not blame them as Yana is an absolute angel. I on the other

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