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How to Pull Off a Holiday Photoshoot and Have Fun With It

holiday photoshoot
The Holidays bring the joy of having the family photo taken together. Whether you choose to make cards with it or put it on your family’s wall, the memories you create with these images will be priceless. One of the biggest and somewhat nerve-racking decisions is to plan your outfits for this rare occasion. I suggest giving yourself extra time for this special moment. If you are like me and time to plan is a luxury, below I share how to work with what you have.
holiday photoshoot
First of all, pick a color scheme and coordinate everyone’s outfits. As you want the outfits to flow together. I just finished a photoshoot for Ralph Lauren and was still wearing this red plaid shirt. As my photographer and I were rapping things up, I realize all of my family members were home. It is a very rare occasion, especially when someone with a camera is on hand. I jumped on the opportunity to utilize this moment. The color scheme for my holiday photoshoot turned to have red tones. Keeping everyone in the same tones is unnecessary. Mixing and matching colors but staying in one scheme works just as well if not better. You want your family photos to be timeless, so it is best to aim for a more of a classic look.
I suggest to start with one piece and build around it. This is a rule I use for most of my photoshoots. It is especially useful when picking outfits for numerous people. I worked off my Lauren Ralph Lauren shirt, as it has that cozy holiday spirit to it and a timeless classic look. The idea is to keep a good flow to the photograph and not to overpower it with too many prints or distractions. I took a risk with my daughters dress but luckily our patterns and tones match in such a way that they work together. Otherwise I suggest staying away from being too matchy. To tone things down I opted for solid tops for my boys. Kai’s pants even though another print add that fun element to our holiday look.
Furthermore, consider the right location for the holiday photoshoot. A fireplace is a great place to to keep the holiday scheme on point. We shot outside to get the last rays of day light which are so good for a great photograph.
We could not get the fire in the back to be big, quick enough. A little splash of gasoline did the trick! I do not recommend trying this at home though! Shooting in your own home is a great option because it is a space everyone is comfortable in. Just make sure it is well lit and there is not too much clutter around to take away from the shot.
Finally, take time to find the right photographer. You want to be comfortable in these photos and you want the rest of your family to be comfortable too. Meet prior and or shoot with them before the main event. Have fun while at it, it will make the photographs unique and shots to remember.
Tatiyana is a wonderful photographer and a great friend of mine. With only a few minutes on hand for the holiday photoshoot I love our results. We all look vibrant, festive but comfortable. More then anything the memories are now here to keep forever.
Happy Holidays and keep styling,
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OIia Kedik

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  1. Andy Mirabell says:

    Fun Shoot! I would never strangle you my love:>

  2. You have such a beautiful and stylish family, love this!

  3. Dana Truitt says:

    Omg I looooove these pics of you guys!!! I really like the buffalo plaid flannel top

  4. Awww, your family is so beautiful!!! I LOVE all the photos!!!

  5. Natasha says:

    What a fun shoot guys

  6. Veena says:

    You have a beautiful family

  7. Laritsa says:

    Love your boots!! Your family is so beautiful

  8. Jamie says:

    Beautiful family photos!

  9. Such a beautiful family

  10. Dom Baza says:

    Aw your family photos are so beautiful. Making me want to take pics with my family now ❤️

  11. Mentormommyof2 says:

    Beautiful family photos

  12. I am loving to see happy families around

  13. Marynel says:

    Such cute holiday family photos!

  14. Lindsay says:

    Love these shots! What a beautiful family

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