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Using Texture and Pattern to Create Your Individual Style


What is the secret of successful mixing and matching when it comes to clothing? It is combining different textures and styles that work together, like velvet and satin, lace and leather, chunky woolens and smooth knits, bold florals over stripes. This Fall, we are seeing lots of layering of many textures and patterns from the Fashion Houses to create a deep and lush look.

With so many textures to choose from, layering them all together is the right idea, but where to start? Here are some of my tried and true ideas for pairings that will work well together. Remember, shiny and matte, chunky and smooth, metallic and flat are all great to create interesting layers.

If you are new to mixing texture, I suggest you start out simply. For example, if you want an elegant look, you could combine silk and suede. You would pair a silk fringe top with with a bold suede short. The smooth sheen of the silk contrasts with the matte look of the suede. Normally, you would wear these pieces separately with a like material, but worn together, the overall effect is a bold combo of texture and touch.

Take the top and shorts to the next level by adding a cute suede bootie in another color to the outfit. It will give you an edgy look. Add accessories to this outfit like a jeweled statement bracelet, a fringe necklace and a textured leather clutch, and you have added more even texture without taking away from the core outfit.


Let’s look at my example. Here, I am mixing a delicate lacy top with a flat African style knit and a shiny satin pleated skirt. I have continued to add texture to the outfit by adding accessories. Shiny silver heels pick up the satin sheen of the skirt and contrast with the delicate lace. Bright yellow shades add the pop of color to complete this unique ensemble.


At the same time, remember that mixing various sizes of patterns is a fabulous way to create more variety in your outfit. The possibility of mixing these print sizes and textures can also help you with balancing out your silhouette!

How? For example, if your hips need more emphasis, you can try a top with a large print. If you want your shoulders to look less broad, use a smaller print on the top. Vertical stripes going down your top is a good example that will definitely help create this look. Or if you want your hips to look thinner, never choose big prints for the bottom. A fitted skirt with tiny pattern in dark color will work best for you to minimize the bottom.



Whatever you choose, mixing different textures will surely create a more individualistic and personal approach to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns that you normally would not. Keep experimenting with the pieces, and you will be surprised at the unique combinations that really work together. The key to success is in the contrast.

Tell me, what textures and prints have successful worked for you when combing different textures and patterns?

Thank you for reading and keep styling.


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Photography by Quincy Stamper

OIia Kedik

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