Oliamoda was founded in December of 2013 as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways. I was born in Moscow, Russia. Because I’ve lived in all corners of the world such as Munich, London and SF, I discovered my love of fashion at a young age. With a strong appreciation towards all aesthetics, I believe to have created a style that is unique and true to my personality – pairing classic and edgy, feminine and masculine, and always adding a fashionable dose of global influence as a nod to my European roots. Oliamoda allows me to communicate directly with women and hopefully inspire and empower along the way.

My husband and I are fortunate to own and operate Skool Restaurant in San Francisco and Sacramento and are blessed to have our sweet daughter Yana and baby boy Kai.

I believe in dreams, as along as you have a dream you will always achieve it. What you have to do is visualize it, articulate it and it will be yours sooner or later. This has been my life’s mantra.

I thank you for visiting my page and invite you to join my mailing list. Weather it is an outfit inspiration, a beauty hack or a parenting quest, Oliamoda aims to provide you with information to support your fashion, beauty and modern mother needs.

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