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What is the secret of successful mixing and matching when it comes to clothing? It is combining different textures and styles that work together, like velvet and satin, lace and leather, chunky woolens and smooth knits, bold florals over stripes. This Fall, we are seeing lots of layering of many textures and patterns from the Fashion Houses to create a deep and lush look. With so many textures to choose from, layering them all together is the right idea, but where to start? Here are some of my tried and

How to dress up a cover up for a date night It has been too long since I have posted! My recent trip to Moscow with my daughter and planning my very first Pop-Up shop has given me limited spare, time but lots of time to think creatively and how I can add value to you, my dear readers. I have missed all of you tremendously, and am super excited to share my latest looks and things I have been working on. The look here was an outfit I wore

Today I am sharing my take on the wrap dress. It is a classic that is so effortless, sexy and elegant all at the same time. The wrap dress has become a staple symbol of femininity,  freedom and more. A big thank you goes out the the fabulous Diane Von for Furstenberg for inventing this timeless classic. Today I am sharing this oh so simple, but oh so elegant linen dress wrap. The beauty of this style of dress is that it looks amazing on pretty much any body type. It highlights all the best

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